Brent is a highly dedicated real estate professional renowned for cultivating enduring client relationships. His passion for the real estate industry emerged at a young age which led to the acquisition of his first home and investment property in his early twenties. Complementing his real estate acumen, Brent holds a red seal carpentry certification, a valuable asset that enhances his ability to advise on property purchases or renovations for clients with meticulous attention to detail.

His profound satisfaction helping others arises from the initial exploration of properties, unveiling their hidden potential in the form of value-add renovation projects. A native of Victoria, Brent boasts an in-depth comprehension of the local real estate market and a comprehensive awareness of the distinctive attributes of various neighborhoods. He remains enthusiastic about the growth within the downtown core, vigilantly monitoring emerging developments within the core of Victoria.

Having experienced tenancy, homeownership, landlordship (both short-term and long-term), and strata ownership within Victoria, Brent possesses a nuanced understanding of the diverse forms of property ownership. His expertise serves as an invaluable resource, guiding clients through the significant decision-making process of homeownership.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Brent enjoys exploring the world alongside his partner, Hayley. They find solace in embarking on long exploratory walks, often accompanied by their loyal canine companion, Brutus. An avid aficionado of the city’s culinary delights, he frequently seeks out the perfect cup of coffee, best new dining spots and cocktail lounges in the ever evolving culinary scene that is Victoria.

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Riley Rebitt is an accomplished and dedicated REALTOR® with a primary focus on residential real estate in Victoria. With deep-rooted connections within the Victoria community, Riley has built enduring relationships over the years. Riley holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Psychology from the University of Victoria, coupled with years of experience as a construction manager, property owner and landlord. Riley possesses a wealth of local knowledge and a distinct passion for the real estate industry.

Passionate and knowledgeable, Riley is dedicated to attentive, personalized service. His objective is simple; to achieve the best possible result, by elevating the expectations in service and his ability to deliver the best possible outcome for every home bought or sold. Throughout the years, satisfied clients have ultimately become friends. His extensive background, keen instincts, proactive approach, and ability to forecast market dynamics position him to guide and create opportunities for buyers and sellers in various market conditions, including both upswings and downturns. 

Riley was born and raised in Victoria and currently resides there with his lovely partner, Paige. He is a proud family man and sports enthusiast. Family, real estate, and golf are his passions!

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